Tim Andreson - You & Me - What Happens

Nice New EP due from Tim Andreson & his What Happens deeps house label ..
2 tracks ready for the mix .. Both with sumptuous bumping beats ..
"Tim's recent releases on Savoir Faire Musique, UM Records, Natural Rhythm, Soulman Music, DeepWit, Seamless and Southpark Recordings as well as our own What Happens label. Add to that, he was also behind releases on Azuli, Toolroom, Southern Fried and more in the past, proving his long relationship and dedication to the scene.

Fast forward to 2014. Spring is always the time of the year where we reveal some of our biggest releases and this one is no exception. Tim's new EP needs little introduction. It's a great double A-sider and both tracks are doing the business!

Beatport release: 7th April. Official release: 21st April.


Dope 5 track release.Zurich Bonny & Clyde deliver smart seductive beats for the dance floor. 90 classic house grooves kicked around chunky bass lines and crisp fresh productions. On remix we have Highlive who delivers a bubbly rumbling tune.
01. That is That is (Original Mix)
02. That is That is (HighLive Remix)
03. U Can Have (Original Mix)
04. Lovestick (Original Mix)
05. Just do it (Original Mix) 
 Press Words 
"Zurich duo Bonny & Clyde built on chunky electro basses, sharp minor key
stabs, rolling percussion and laboured pads. The deep tech burns in a Slo Mo cosmo on dark kicks and noir synths. The release is mainly Tech-House, more melodic in 'Just Do It', deeper by 'Lovestick', 90s style in 'That is That is', groovy by 'U Can Have'. HighLive (Miniload Records) are delivering an hypnotic Remix of 'This Is That Is' introducing a warm groovy bass line and
some deep catchy chords, which will bring your feet to dance. Re-pitching the vocals brought as well a different taste to the track. Surround yourself in sound with Bonny & Clyde debut release on MothLab Recordings."
CAT.#: MTHE019

Endemic Digital Dec Round Up 2013

Endemic Digital have a sweet line up ready for release this December .. We have 4 ep this being the first. Stefan Kaye has had many recent hits recently through many respectable dance labels. Again hear we get to delve deep in to the production mind of a talented player. 4 originals that all feature light uplifting piano cords. The essence of the ep for me feels very 4am. Uplifting with chunky undertones the beats get jazzy and classy on my fav Warriors Path.
Aras Zemaitis - Trouble Calls Stupid EP

2 nice prog based tunes that will rubmle in the big rigs this festie season for me. The Ep is presented to by Aras Zemaitis a very talented producer getting props in the scene from some A List DJ. Trouble Calls Stupid has swirling synths on top a deep growling bassline. Pure has bubbly synths at the start to draw you deeper in to the fabric of the track. Keeping the beats smooth the arpeggiated bassline builds nicely. Pure is my pick of the 2 .

Release: Dec 16 2013
Label: Endemic Digital
Cat:  [ED185]

Stefan Kaye - The Quest LP
Long Player coming in early January from Endemic family member Stefan Kaye. Hear we get to go deep in to the mind of the producer. Tracks range from a late night rub down on Impulsed . to the more subtle sounds of Love Goes On. With this being what must have been a very busy year for Stefan 2013 we are lucky enough to have the smooth production skills . Other tunes that stand out for me are The Quest with its crisp snappy mids that meld in to a deep house bassline.

Release: Jan 06 2014
Label: Endemic Digital
Cat:  [EDND015]

Lee Pennington - Earthworm Dancing EP
Some smoking bubbly tech edged house starts the year. Lee Pennington delivers 2 cuts of acid infested sounds that hum on the studio speakers. Will be looking forward to playing this out on the festival rigs this summer.
Release: Jan 13 2014
Label: Endemic Digital
Cat:  [ED186]

Erase Records - Dec Round Up 2013

This the 46th release for Wasabi features not only the man himself but fellow label friend Leoni. Together the 2 twist up a skanking Italo sytled Nu Disco tune. Nice infectious vocals draw you in and out of what feels like an old movie score. This label has been making winners for many of this years releases .If you have been living deep in the forest you might be excused for not finding this very impressive label.
Out Dec 2nd so you can grab this NOW.
( Exc Beatport )
Then to iTunes,Traxsource,Spotify ,Amazon and more!
More info: https://www.facebook.com/EraseRecords

Monsieur Minimal : 'Summer Lovers ' (HawaiiaN Boy Rmx ) 

Lovely drifting 80's inspired house sounds from Hawaiian Boy . Hawaiian Boy has featured on many of the releases this end of the year ..on the down low this is Sugar Hill & Wasabi monike

These beats are well suited at the side of the pool when the sun sets and the cocktails start to roll . A very impressive start to the production teams session and we look forward to more from them next year.

Haze-M: 'Miss My Love'

Rounding off the year we have a deep late night tune. Succulent vocal wrapped tightly in to a sweet euro beat of deep house. Pushing you towards the speakers the homely warmth of the synths makes a righteous way to end the year.
Official Release Date: 23-12-13 (Beatport Exc )
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The team behind all these great tracks happen to be pushing boundaries with their sister label Tropical Heat.

Contacting us

OFF Recordings December Round Up 2013


Off Recordings are well over due for a round up on the review section ... make sure all you house heads are armed with the goodies for your DJ set this festive season. Andre Crom & Jens have been running a very tight ship this year with many many successful release gracing the top 100 chart positions at the many web stores. 
Hear we have a trio of producers that work well at any time on any dance floor . Purple Disco Machine have turned in a slinky jam that holds my ears and feet tight to the floor. Fat Sushi & Roland Clark work magic for their debut on both tracks My Place & Preaching Right Tonight 

Robosonic - Macho Madness EP (feat. Mat.Joe) - OFF077 

 Some serious heat getting dropped from the Robsonic lads.. Tight funky beats that electrfies the floor as soon as it gets in the mix .. Both tunes have been well and tryly road tested by myself to great effect .. Paying homage to the one and only Randy Savage ... Don't miss this essential OFF release.. 100% Fire !

Off Recordings Press Words "Robosonic has been a pivotal part of Off Recordings roster, their releases being highly expected every time and usually meaning instant dancefloor melting magic. With a hip hop and techno background and adding many frequent flyer miles with worldwide gig schedule, the pair shows no sign of stopping. This time is no exception, Cord and Sacha get back in their creative roll of sample wizardry to provide two mouth watering jams. They once again prove their love for organic sounds and reivindicate the use of the turntable as an instrument, adding that old-school vibe to their trademark beats.

“Macho Madness" is quite a trip, sweet rhodes over a bouncy bassline, great sample work adding guitars and an insane speech. As always, breakdowns are intense and its impossible not to dance to the groove!

For the second track, Robosonic joins another Off family team, Mat.Joe and together they go deep into their hip hop influences again working the samples as only they could, a little disco flavor, a driving bass...All the ingredients are there for another instant classic and a respectful shout out to Detroit producer legend J Dilla, who left the game too early. R.I.P!"


Pete Tong: greattt
Robbie Akbal - Macho madness is cool
Reboot - got game is cool i wil try it out !
Monika Kruse - yeah funk me up!"
Tube & Berger - nice disco vibes!
Betoko - go go go boys!!! :)
Jaymo & Andy George - Got Game sounds like a nice vibe                                                           Simon deepsouthaudio.net  - Some SERIOUS heat on both mixes .. Thanks 
Tapesh - dope ep will play
Trickski - fun stuff here. will see if I find the right moment for this.
Atapy - nice tunes, all drop them, thanks :)
Justin Jey - Cool EP!! Keep it up Robosonic :D

Simion - Don't U EP (Incl. Chi Thanh Remix) - OFF076

For There 76th release that is touching down today we have more underground magic. OFF Recordings have a nack of unturning stones that the dance scene haven't herd yet and hear is a classic example of that. Simion tweaks with a classic vocla sample adding contemporary beats melding us together a very tasty track. On remix we have chi Thanh. Chi twist things more and more taking the sounds in to the darker 3am regions of my sound. Keeping enough of the original close to the track to make you where it's come from. OFF Recordings have just been dropping bomb after bomb and are well and truly in the running for label of the year from me. 
 OFF Recordings Press Words
"Mysterious Simion, a man who made an impact by recently remixing Ben Pearce's hit "What I Might Do" with great chart success and who sent us an impressive pair of dancefloor agitators which we just couldnt resist!
Simion gets his 909 swing pants on and delivers what could only be described as a future house anthem, "Dont U" has a killer bass and diva vocals topped by a house piano lick making it absolutely irresistible.
The thing doesnt stop there, we bring our wonder boy Chi Thanh to rework it and he incoporates his organic vibe to the vocals, bringing on guitars and a new bubbly bassline to turn the track into a completely different version. A very dancefloor oriented release with ingredients for all tastes, enjoy!"

Filthy Rich - Hustle EP - OFFSPIN015 

 Yum Yum UK Filthy Rich needs no introduction .. The music this cat makes is hot ! and if your a smart DJ knowing what combo these to playerz should would and have come up with you'll be off to grab this ASAP. It's a serious piece of deep bass driven underground house. 
OFF Recordings Press Shout Out 
1. Filthy Rich -- Rock The Disco
2. Filthy Rich -- I Won't Let You
3. Filthy Rich -- Hustle Up
"UK's own Filthy Rich has proven to have a special talent when it comes to making people dance. With releases on imprints like Hot Waves, Defected and Toolroom, he has been a steady provider of groovy beats, exactly what we like here at OFF.
We are honoured to present this new EP with 3 outstanding dancefloor tracks ready to rock any discerning crowd, precisely "Rock The Disco" is the title of the first offering in this pack, a bubbly-bass jacker with a quirky vibe and classic house elements, followed by "I Wont Let You", another groover with a driving synth riff, great vocal work and an intense breakdown. "Hustle Up" closes this ep with style, with a heavy bass-synth driven track that keeps the tension high throughout the whole song in peaktime frenzy.
This is one special release designed to make the clubs go crazy, go grab it now!

Tube & Berger - dope ep! rock the disco and hustle up for us!
Monte -This is terrible, you never get wrong.... Great EP, full support !
Purple Disco Machine - Cool EP
Simon deepsouthaudio.net - Slamming beats will be all over these .!
Robosonic - "rock the disco" will rock some discoteques...let me try.
Supernova - Cool Ep, full support...thanks ;)
Tapesh - Hustle Up
Robert Ownes - all great tracks!
Joyce Muniz - nice !"

Going to slide the next due on the 17th .. SHHHHHH this is magic and you need it .!

Purple Disco Machine - Funk EP - OFF078

TEASER: Purple Disco Machine - Funk EP - OFF078 by OFF Recordings

  Boom these lads worjk there magic on a classic run DMC sample twisting it up with a full on skank of a bassline.. Driving all the way home on the tune Funk ... making it my fav of the release schedule this season. Going to love watching that drop over xmas and new year . the 2nd tune is a vocal and piano hands in the air affair. Just what a crowd thats had it to hard needs... elevating the spirit only for it to be dropped hard again with another OFF Recordings tune... 
Press Words
"Now a steady part of OFF´s roster, he get back with yet another impressive pair of mind blowing songs.
"The Funk" all about the groove, a live bass disco infused sample working its way with clever drum arrangements and a hip hop vocal snippet including broken beat breakdowns, crazy percussion and a live environment vibe... A dancefloor jam for sure!
On "Magic Moll" the guy get deeper and provide a piano house monster, the rolling chords get perfectly complemented with a great bassline and vocal work, a feelgood track that will do the trick in that special time of the night.
Another eclectic workout from OFF favourites PDM... Get your hands on it now!"
 Release number: OFF078
Format: Digital / Vinyl
Distribution: Baseware Distribution (Digital) / Deejay.de (Vinyl)
Releasedate: 17.12.2013 (Digital) / 2013 (Vinyl)
File Under: DeepHouse
Web: www.off-recordings.com

Finding it hard to stop as you also need to follow these cats with their podcast .. hears the latest
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