Soul Supplement Records - Waht you need to know 2013 round up !

Kicking of a sweet as label spotlight on Soul Supplement Records we'll get to have snifty at what Bruno Browning and his band of merry funksters have been dropping during 2013 , also going to future proof this review looking at what he also has upcoming . 2013 has seen nigh on 10 ep releases from the nugget dropper Bruno. Looking back a few releases we have a jamming EP called Oh Girl !

As this dropped August 15th 2013 we'll just make it clear that this EP is smoking hot and if you aint got it go grab a copy now .. Will get the tail feathers of the funkiest chicks dancing on those sweaty dancefloors.
Bruno throws down a slamming original that holds it's own very respectfully against the remixes . Those come from some switched on house heads. Drizzle Music Sean Patrick & Middle Rhythm both jack the beats ampl enough that i will and shall be using both remixes in my funky sets .. Fav has to go to Middle Rhythm

Moving right on to release 54 from Bruno "Chicago" again features originals from the main man that just dumps lumps of funky on your DJ set's . Slinky sax lead beats that will smoulder along as a great mid evening tune . Love and energy just ooze from the tune, we have some dope remixes from solid industry players Terry G & Jackin Andy both these catz have bass beats for hearts and funky low slung bass lines as dancing tools. Making for a sound package that will be featured by many of the funky scene.

Working a wiggle on for the Spring Sampler that rocks we have a massive line up of DJ support with all originals that will rock your dance floor ...
Press Words From Soul Supplement 
"Soulsupplement Records is releasing their first sampler and it's titled Tactile Funk. The Sampler is made up of 10 original tracks from some of the hottest house producers in the game.

Every track has a different vibe and feel that will appeal to almost every discerning house aficionado. When Bruno Browning off handily asked who was up for the sampler a few months ago the slots quickly filled up. Brandon Bass (Aspect Audio), Terry G (Midwest Hustle), UC Beatz (Greenhouse), Kevin Crafts (Drizzle Music), Jackin Andy (Flosshatt Digital), Sean Patrick & Stevie Louis (Plushouse), Gil Aguilar (Treasured Grooves), Scott Ducey (Full House Digital) and Matty Hayes (Soulsupplement Records) all answered the call and the tracks they provided are plain heaters. So get your spring off to a great start with a sampler that's sure to keep you moving your body and the dance floor filled."
 Do Your Dance (Original Mix) - Bruno Browning by Soulsupplement Records

For the next 2 release we have none other than Marc Speekerpeeps himself . The rising talent is now popping up all over funky house worlds. Marc a friend from dot is always impressing me with his unique way of producing lumps of devastating funk for the floor. Hear the original Trottin Ho has a stucco vibe that personifies that jacking vibe. Huge growling bassline that flirts with jacked up vocals makes it a winner. Massive support on remix duty  Marc Fairfield - Fergus & Bruno drop their own interpretations of the original . Fergus holds strong beats and funky vocal jam down - Bruno adds his own level of spice with a funky bassline and lastly Marc Fairfield slams a more tech edged version that slams on the floor. My fav out of the lot as well...
Hear we sport the additional tune the Speekerpeeps a Panhandle wonky house sound that shows this cat knows his house sounds. Making me reminisce to the sounds of Jeoneo and the legendary Panhandel Music sound of the West Coast

 Moving right on we get the second slice of what the Speakerpeeps are all about . Two Ting has a slamming electrofied bass pattern with infectious scale sides making the mid section alive. The sorta tune that all the DJ in the crowd come a sniffing at ....! "What's that track called mate !"
Getting the honor of remixing this is another set of good friends that have been in the playlist of deepsouthaudio for some years now,. The Groove Bugs take things deeper & druggier with there driving mix. Phatt basslines are the name of the game hear and a late night muted out vibe rises to the top. Quality lads
Same Thing We Are (Original Mix) by Soulsupplement Records
Next back to the jack from How We Do It Speekerpeeps 2nd original of 3 . Straight jack at the core , infectious voclas that draw you in swirlig tops. Working warmly with the tune. Remixing this label owner Bruno Brown spices this with a NuSkool shuffle. Being the man thats well known for his growling basslines it would be a shame to think he would,t splice it in to the deep fabric of his mix. Stripping the jack down he makes for a great late night rub down. This tune has already been supported in radio mixes as very early promo from Speekerpeeps was on my radar. Rounding the ep the 3rd jacked out original called Same Thing We Are has a wickedly wobbling bass line. Cheeky pan pipes elevates this . Funky Trunkers add there own flair to the mix the release. Lighter mids make for a slightly gentler journey which compliments the delicate panpipe work. All in All what a showcase from Mr Speekerpeeps, Check out his other dropping all over house world.. It's worth it !
The current release from the SS team comes from Nigel One with  El Pisces
Have yourself a listen the ball doesn't get dropped making for another essential release from the dread head from Nevada
El Pisces (96kbps) by Soulsupplement Records
SoulSupplement Press Words 
"The heat here in Vegas is hotter than ever and everyone is looking for a little relief. So with that in mind the Soulsupplement Records team have decided to offer up something that is unquestionably cool "El Pisces". This four track ep from Nigel One will without a doubt get your mind off the heat. "El Pisces" is made up of two originals from Nigel and a remix from both Wrex Ed and Bruno Browning.
To get your temperature going in the right direction we kick things off with the original mix of "El Pisces". On the surface this four on the floor number seems pretty straightforward, however if you dig a little deeper you'll find that Nigel has a lot of balls in the air with this bad boy and it all somehow fits. I'm feeling cooler already.
Nigel's original mix of "My Thing" is next and once again he's given us so many good bits to gravitate to that's it's hard to decide which one to focus on next. A tuff no nonsense rhythm track and some very interesting supplementary percussion does the trick in the moving your body department. A deep and salty bass line is the heart and soul of this cut and it'll leave you wanting more. Did someone turn down the AC?
We welcome Wrex Ed to team Soulsupplement with his remix of "El Pisces" and he just crushes it right out of the gate. His "One Little Fishie Mix" is in a word...perfect. The deepness of this track is highlighted by the fact that it features One Little Fishie on vocals which contrasts nicely with the darkness of the bass line. There's a rumor going around the compound that it's the boss man's favorite but you didn't hear it from us. Damn I think I might need a blanket...getting a bit chilly.
If those three get you too cooled down with the deepness then Bruno's Hooked Up Mix of "My Thing" will Jack you're body with a bit of funk. Four on the floor rhythm, new bass line and snips here and there of the old bass should be enough to get you body on the floor but if not this one's got a wee bit more for you. Some new vocal bits in that Bruno style are added as well as a few extra pieces here and there. If you dig what Bruno's been laying down as of late then take a peak."
Available exclusively at Traxsource 12 August 2013.
My fav mix goes to Wrex Ed with
his slinky hoe down .. In my dj set for the next few weeks a lovely tune that always gets the ladies shaking ..... !

Burning up next month we have Play That from Bruno Browning himself .. a scorcher of a tune that he has been burning floors with all summer so he can vouch for this bad boy !
Play That (96kbps) by Soulsupplement Records
Funky slap bass and that James Brown vocal that's chopped and shut to great effect. On remix we have label friend Spoon dropping his first appearance on the label. Spoon will feature in a full length release later this year .. check the pics below !

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